Todd Reed
Crackle Shimmer ShiftLet's Move Forward And BackwardRed FloaterPeel It Back Peek InsidePlain PlanesTear That Edge Fold That PlaneHouse House HouseTransparency In The DistanceThere Is A Square Moving FastTake Me In Take Me OutLand HoThats One Heck Of A FoldTable Edge LandscapeGlistening PlanesStepped In Gold Steeped In GoldIntersecting PlanesBlinding Fast Square Green Left BehindInteractive FurnishingsGift Wrapped Foreground Background VagueWhite CurlWho's Afraid of Illusionistic SpaceFlip FlopZipperInstallation shot from the South Bend Museum of ArtInstallation shot from the South Bend Museum of ArtNice Fold Nice EdgeTypical RanchInstallation view from the exhibition See You See You SeeIntallation view from the exhibition See You See You See.TV Stand Micro ProcessorInside Out InsideFlag Pin PatriotDon't Hit The WallMaking SpaceSlick Figure Ground SuggestionLooks Like It Might Be FoldedBands and WidthsThere Might Be An Edge ThereIt's No TrickWhizzed Past the BlindsIn-Between Views With Vintage HuesUntitleddetailUntitleddetaildetaildetailUntitleddetaildetailUntitledUntitledItlookslikearailingAislesandaislesandaislesDon'tflipthatTypefaceandarchitectureLightpostmoundasignoranawningDetailInstallation ViewTheletterUorpossiblyamagnetItgottornItremindsmeofthepopeorachurchorajewelryshopBillboarddriveinmovieroadsignoilrigDetailThismakesmethinkofperspectiveYellowgreenexclamationeighthnoterooflineItlookslikeafenderonatruckPinkbannerredsquarenowit'snotthereOrangebannerorangestripe