Todd Reed
As a culture we are continuously interacting with architectural space, graphic design, text, imagery, and objects. When moving through designed spaces, contrasts between color, scale, and geometry allow for sensations to rise rapidly to the foreground of our perception. These sensations disappear into the background of our experience as quickly as they rise to the surface as new information is constantly streaming in. This is true of any perceptual experience. However, within designed space, there is so much to see that these perceptual figure ground shifts seem to occur much more frequently.

As a painter, I want to emphasize the limbic or in-between moments of visual reality. I am interested in visual phenomena that result in accumulations of sensate non-pictorial memories. I make use of the interaction of color, shape, and three-dimensional edge to place viewers in peculiar perceptual states. My work creates perceptual tensions between object and image, as well as oscillations between representation and pure abstraction. As a result, the viewer becomes aware of that fact that they are seeing. At that moment they have achieved a higher awareness. The work invites viewers to momentarily slip into a higher consciousness and to look at themselves looking.